Saturday, 25 June 2011

Horrible nice Government or Nice horrible Government?

This morning I woke up, played with my kids, got them breakfast, went out for lunch, covered an event and drove back to KL.

Never, even for a second, did I feel unsafe or threatened by any kind of criminal or tyrant and I expect this is the experience of millions of Malaysians today.

Even those extremely inclined to criticise every step the federal government takes went about their business of being loathsome to the powers that be without having to look over their shoulder every five minutes.

Mat Sabu is still delivering nightly ceramah, Guan Eng is daily badmouthing the BN governments at every level and can go home to their family just like the most staunch BN supporter.

On the internet, voices that hate the BN is as loud, if not louder than those defending the ruling coalition but no one has been locked up.

Because of these factors, I think that there is much good left in this country and this Government.

On the other hand most Malaysians accept that there is systemic corruption in the country and the good intentions of our founding fathers may have lost their spirit through the years and as a result millions have developed strong distaste of BN.

And so I ask my fellow Malaysians if they think that BN is a nice horrible government or horrible nice government?

Do you think it is a horrible government that acts nice by allowing virtually free for all expression is the alternative and social media and also in print, through widespread opposition newspapers

Or is BN basically a nice government that has put in place a good plan for the country but has become arrogant on their success and is acting horrible because they don't listen to the people and are corrupt.

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  1. It all started when the "open" concept was introduced not so long ago. this happened when some quarters are trying to emulate what other countries are doing. They thought by doing so, they can create a peaceful living but them; "who cares"?